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Cabinet Hardware is among the simplest, yet powerful ways of upgrading your cabinets. We offer a full line of decorative cabinet pulls and cabinet knobs. Also available are cabinet hinges, catches and latches, backplates and drawer slides. We offer cabinet hardware from various manufacturers such as Amerock, Berenson and Jamison, or view all brands. We are sure to have the kitchen hardware and bathroom hardware you're looking for!
Cabinet Pulls

Cabinet pulls come in a variety of styles and finish options. Often referred to as cabinet handles, cabinet pulls require two screws to attach to your cabinet door or drawer front. Cabinet pulls are available in styles ranging from modern to traditional and consist of styles such as bar pulls, arch pulls, wire pulls, finger pulls and more. 

Cabinet Knobs

Cabinet knobs are a small and easier to install version of cabinet handles. Unlike a cabinet pull, cabinet knobs require only one screw to be held in place. Knobs range from classical to contemporary styles and are available in round knobs, square knobs, bar knobs, glass knobs and more. 

Cabinet Hinges

Cabinet hinges are an important part of every cabinet system and come available with many different functions and features. Overlay cabinet hinges are designed for cabinet doors that cover the opening and overlap the frame. Inset hinges are for doors that fit within the frame opening and are flush with the frame. Concealed hinges operate under both functions but are hidden within the frame of the cabinet. Hinge functions include soft close, self closing and self opening.

Cabinet Catches and Latches Cabinet catches and latches are a great way to secure your cabinets. Whether you are child proofing, securing valuables or just looking for a better way to keep your cabinet doors closed, a catch and latch combination is an ideal way to do so. These products range from simple magnetic catches, to sleek thumbturns to key and combination locks.